Capt. David Fox

Died 1669 Lancaster Co. VA

d. by 1663?

b. 1647

d. 1702

d. by 1683?
Anne Mottrom Wright

m. 1664?
b. 1639
d. 1713?
Lancaster Co. VA


b. 1665/70

In 1670, son David married Hannah Ball, the daughter of the great grandfather of President George Washington, Col. William Ball, 1615?-1680. David Fox remarried in 1678.
Daughter Hannah married John Mottrom , 1642-1685?, and is the mother of Spencer Mottrom, 1671-1698?.
Daughter Elizabeth was the first wife of Col. Peter Hack (1673?-1729), who was an executor and beneficiary for the will of Maj. Spencer Mottrom, 1671-1698?. Elizabeth and Peter had one son Nicholas (1687-1710). Col. Hack then married Mary Mottrom, the daughter of Maj. John Mottrom .
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