Hannah Fox

Died 1680/83

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John Mottrom

m. 1669
b. 1642
York? Co. VA
d. 1685?

b. 1671?
Northumberland Co. VA
d. 1698?
Northumberland Co. VA

Northumberland Co. VA

Husband John was a Captain and then a Major in the Militia of Lancaster County VA.
Hannah married John about five years after her father, David Fox, married John's older sister, Anne Mottrom.
Daughter Mary married Col. Peter Hack (1673?-1729), who was an executor and beneficiary for the will of his brother-in-law Spencer. Col. Hack's first wife was Elizabeth Fox, Hannah's step-sister. Mary and Peter had daughters Hannah (born 1692), Ann, and sons John, Peter, and Spencer. Spencer Hack who was christened Feb 11, 1700.
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