Capt. Spencer Mottrom
Born 1671 Northumberland Co. VA
Died 1698? Northumberland Co. VA

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Sarah Young

d. 1742
Lancaster Co. VA

b. 1691?
Northumberland Co. VA

Sydney (Spencer)

b. Northumberland Co. VA

On Mar 16, 1700/01, Joseph Ball and others petitioned to be the guardians of Spencer's son, Sydney. On Jun 9, 1712, Joseph went bond as his guardian.
In 1734, Spencer Mottrom's daughter Mary married Spencer Ball , 1707-1767, his second marriage.
On Sep 22, 1698, the executors of Capt. Spencer Mottrom's will were qualified. One of the beneficiaries was Col. Peter Hack, who married Mary Mottrom, Spencer's sister. The Hack family inherited a 1200 acre piece of land called Black Point that originally belonged to Spencer's father, Maj. John Mottram.
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