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Report on:

Fox Family Bible

by Randolph W. Church

From the Fox Family Collection at the Library of the University of Virginia

      The Bible in question is undoubtedly an important and valuable piece of historical and genealogical source material, these factors far outweighing its value as a piece of printing. It is known and recorded by genealogists as the "Fox Bible" and is used in transcript form as a primary source for dates in Hayden's "Virginia Genealogies". He notes (p. 60) that transcripts of it have appeared in newspaper form. The relations of the genealogy recorded in it with the Washington Family may be gathered from the following notes.

      Colonel William Ball married Hannah Atherold, in England on July 2, 1638. They had four children, all born in England, Richard, William, Joseph, and Hannah. Joseph married twice, the second time a widow, Mary Johnson, in 1707-08. The only child of this marriage was Mary Ball who was the mother of George Washington.

      Hannah, the fourth child of Colonel William Ball and Hannah Atherold, married on July 22, 1670 Captain David Fox. The Bible in question was quite certainly their property for it contains the birth date of Captain David Fox and the birth dates of his four children by Hannah Ball. These children were Hannah, David, William and Samuel. The first child, Hannah, married Captain Rodham Kenner and the Bible gives dates for the birth of their children.

      William, the second child of Colonel William Ball and Hannah Atherold, had a son Joseph who had a son Spencer who had a daughter Judith. Judith Ball married John Crawley in 1750 and the Bible must have passed about this time from the hands of the Kenners to those of the Crawleys, for Judith Ball's marriage to John Crawley is recorded therein. Upon the death of Judith Ball, John Crawley married a second time and this marriage as well as the children resulting therefrom are recorded in the Bible.

      The Bible, then, is not at any point a record of the Washington Family or their ancestors. It does, however, give many interesting points in the genealogy of those families descended from George Washington's great uncle William and great aunt Hannah.

      Hayden knew of the Bible when it was the property of C. W. Purcell. The Bible was given to Mr. Purcell by Dr, Jno. Mayo who purchased it in Westmoreland County, Va. Mr. Purcell passed it on to his daughter, Mrs. M. L. McCue.

                R. W. Church
           Assistant Reference Librarian

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