Wilmot Evans Egerton
Born Sep 12, 1785 Macon Depot, Warren Co. NC

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Sally King

m. Aug 19, 1814
Warren Co. NC

d. 1786?
Charles Jackson

b. Jun 11, 1816
Warren Co. NC
d. May 26, 1880
Warren Co. NC
Wilmot's father James settled in Granville Co. NC. In 1764, that part of it became Bute ( Map), and finally Warren in 1779 ( Map). Bute was name of the Prime Minister of King George III and the residents did not like that so they split up Bute County into Franklin and Warren Counties.
Wilmot was only about two months old when his father died. He was named for his uncle William Wilmot Egerton, 1748-1815, youngest son of John Egerton and Elizabeth Nicholson Egerton.
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