Charles Egerton Jr.
Born 1630 England
Died by Apr 1, 1699 St. Mary's Co. MD

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Anne Porter Godfrey

b. 1640?

d. by Feb 7, 1712
St. Mary's Co. MD

d. 1705?
St. Mary's Co. MD

d. aft 1712

b. 1673?
d. by 1712

b. aft 1674

d. aft 1712

b. aft 1674

d. aft 1712

b. aft 1674

d. 1742

d. aft 1712
Charles married Anne Porter who was the widow of John Godfrey. She married a member of the Boucher family after Charles died.
St. Mary's Co. MD was established in 1637. It is the southernmost part of the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, across the Potomac River from Virginia.
Now extinct, Princess Anne Co. was created in 1691. In 1963 it became part of Virginia Beach. Gum Swamp is within the City of Virginia Beach.
In his will dated Mar 11, 1699, proved Apr 1 of that year, Charles Jr. left to his wife Anne land called Pountney's (or Punckney) Marsh until she died and then to his son George. He left to his son Charles land called "Piney Neck" on the Potomac River. He left to his other four sons he left 2400 total acres of land on the north side of the Potomac called "Piscataway" to be equally divided. The Calvert family also owned land in this region.
Charles named his sons Charles and John his executors in 1699. To his daughter Mary, he bequeathed 20000 lbs. Of tobacco, "provided my executors like her marriage choice; otherwise, one shilling." (In 1712, Mary was married to a man named Underwood.) Charles also named the guardians to his minor children and specified that none of his sons were to leave their mother before reaching age 25.
Son Charles was married in Jan 1703 to Mary Neale, the daughter of Elizabeth Calvert and James Neale because they sold "Piscataway" land to a James Heath. Elizabeth Calvert (b. 1664) was the daughter of Hon. William Calvert (1643-1682).
Grandson John Wilmot Egerton (1704-1752) was appointed High Sheriff of the part of NC that became Warren Co. by King William about 1739, according to James Albert Egerton in his History of the Egerton Family.
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