Martha Judkins
Born 1744 Surry Co. VA
Died May 25, 1811 Macon, Warren Co. NC

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James Egerton

m. Apr 7, 1768
Bute Co. NC
b. Aug 22, 1740
Edgecombe Co. NC
d. Nov 22, 1785
Warren Co. NC
John Judkins

b. Feb 9, 1769
Bute Co. NC
d. 1844?
Elizabeth Champion

b. Feb 28, 1771
Bute Co. NC
d. 1845?
Nancy Blow

b. Jun 7, 1773
Bute Co. NC
d. 1860?
Ann Clough

b. 1775
Bute Co. NC
d. 1860?
Gilbert Gray

b. Jun 17, 1776
Bute Co. NC
d. Warren Co. NC
Mary Williams

b. Aug 7, 1779
Warren Co. NC
d. 1885?
James Nicholson (twin)

b. Oct 26, 1781
Warren Co. NC
d. 1870?
Ida (twin)

b. Oct 26, 1781
Warren Co. NC

Wilmot Evans

b. Sep 12, 1785
Macon Depot, Warren Co. NC

James received land at Macon Depot (now Macon, Warren Co. NC) as a colonial grant from Lord Granville (see below), his cousin, and built a home there that was occupied until the 1960's by his descendants.
Granville was the original name of the county that James settled in. See Map of NC counties in 1760. Then in 1764, that part of it became Bute (see Map of counties in 1775), and finally Warren in 1779 (see Map of counties in 1780). Bute was name of the Prime Minister of King George III and the residents did not like that so they split up Bute County into Franklin and Warren Counties.
Also, see map of the region in 1746 from the Granville County 1746 Society's website.
In addition to land transactions and wills, the names that James and Martha gave to their 9 children seem to be the strongest clues as to their ancestral lines. Their eldest son was most likely named for Martha's grandfather John Judkins, who died in Surry Co. VA in 1760. Daughter Elizabeth Champion Egerton was named for Martha's mother , whose maternal grandmother's maiden name was Mary Williams, hence the name given to their fourth daughter. Their second oldest son Gilbert Gray Egerton seems to have been named for the Gilbert Gray who owned land next to James Nicholson in Surry Co. VA. And their third son was in fact named James Nicholson Egerton. The fourth son, Wilmot Evans Egerton, was apparently given the maiden name of Rachel Wilmot, possibly the wife of James' grandfather, John Egerton, who raised his family in nearby Norfolk VA in the early 1700's. James Egerton's youngest brother, born 1748, also was named Wilmot.
Son Gilbert Egerton's son, James Albert Egerton, wrote History of the Egerton Family.
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