Elizabeth Nicholson
Born 1709? VA
Died after Jan 1779

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John Wilmot Egerton (Jr.)

m. Nov 27, 1726
Surrey Co. VA
b. Feb 3, 1704
Norfolk Co. VA
d. 1752
Granville Co. NC

b. Sep 6, 1729
Bertie Co. NC


b. Jun 9, 1732
Bertie Co. NC
d. Warren Co. NC

b. Oct 27, 1734
Bertie Co. NC


b. Mar 20, 1738
Bertie Co. NC
d. aft. Jan 1779

b. Aug 22, 1740
Bertie Co. NC
d. Nov 22, 1785
Warren Co. NC
John (Jr.)

b. Jan 22, 1742/3
Edgecombe Co. NC
d. 1775
Bute Co. NC
Thomas Scroop

b. May 22, 1746
Edgecombe Co. NC


b. Jun 8, 1748
Edgecombe Co. NC
d. Jan 4, 1811
Warren Co. NC
John and Elizabeth moved to NC before 1732.
About 1739, Husband John was appointed High Sheriff of the part of the province that became Warren Co. NC by King William, according to James Albert Egerton in his History of the Egerton Family. James Albert is the son of Gilbert Gray Egerton, the second son of James Egerton
On Apr 4, 1745, John petitioned for 300 acres of land in Edgecombe Co. NC.
Edgecombe was formed in 1741 from Bertie County ( Map), then became part of Granville County in 1754 ( Map), Bute was formed in 1764 ( Map), and finally Warren in 1779 ( Map). Bute was the Prime Minister of King George III and the residents did not like that so they split up Bute County into Franklin and Warren Counties. See map of the region in 1746 from the Granville County 1746 Society's website.
Husband John and son Benjamin are listed as the two Edgerton "inhabitants" of Granville Co. NC in 1746 and 1750 (abtracted by William Eaton).
A 1762 List of Taxables in the Little Fishing Creek District of Granville Co. NC shows John as the head of a household of James, John, and Scroop. (Note: Scroop is listed (perhaps misread) as Syrup in this transcription or the original).
Son John was referred to as Jr. and a "planter" by Feb 25, 1765, when he and brother Benjamin, "shoemaker", were sold "a negro girl, horse, household goods, and chattels" by a Samuel Nicholson (probably related to Elizabeth) and also listed as a single taxable household in the Little Fishing Creek District Tax List above).
In 1778, son Wilmot married Ann Judkins the younger sister of Martha Judkins Egerton, the wife of Wilmot's brother James, 1740-1785. Ann, 1749-1795?, and Martha, 1744-1811, were daughters of Nicholas Judkins, 1710?-1765, of Surry Co. VA. Wilmot then was married to a widow of another Judkins who had a son name Phillip Moody Judkins. He was married, for the third time, to Priscilla Riggan in 1808.
Jan 21, 1779, there is a record of a petition by Elizabeth, Wilmot Egerton, and daughter "Eliz. Egerton, jun." being rejected in NC.
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