Rose Gertrude Martin
Born May 15, 1898 Hickory NC
Died Apr 8, 1972 Charlotte NC

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John Leith Holloway

m. Jun 22, 1922
Hickory NC
b. Feb 5, 1895
Chesterfield, Burke Co. NC
d. Dec 3, 1975
Charlotte NC
George Martin

b. Nov 28, 1923
Hickory NC

John Leith Jr.

b. Dec 18, 1927
Hickory NC
d. Jun 11, 2011
Boone NC
Rose Martin was born in the family's two story house on 13th Avenue in Hickory. About 1907 or 1908, the street number of 1514 13th Avenue was assigned to the house. The street was changed from 13th to 3rd Avenue NW in the 1950's. She was delivered at birth by her great-uncle, Dr. Benjamin Franklin Whiteside, husband of Aunt Minnie (Mary Ida Egerton, daughter of Charles Jackson Egerton). Rose's sister Frank got her name from Dr. Whiteside's middle name.
Small Photograph of a professional studio portrait of sisters (l. to r.) Frank, Sallie and Rose Martin.
Photograph of Seventh Grade at Morganton NC Middle School in 1910.
Back row, from left to right:
(John) Leith Holloway
Tom Dale
Plato Wilson
Sam Ervin (became U.S. Senator from NC and presided over the Watergate hearings)
Leith Shuping
Ernest "Jug" Bolick
Superintendent E. M. Hairfield
Rose Gertrude Martin at the Blowing Rock in NC 1918.
Rose Gertrude Martin with sisters and little Rowell Holt, Jr. in a 1918 Nash automobile.
The House in Hickory NC , where John Leith Jr. was born, and where the family lived at the time, a "bungalow" at 1417 13th Avenue. The street became 3rd Avenue and the house is now a law office.
Leith and Rose Holloway lived in many places, too many to mention, but including Alexandria VA, Washington DC, Mount Airy NC, and Asheville NC. Leith held different jobs for the government and small companies, primarily as an accountant. Agencies that he worked for include RFC (Reconstruction Finance Corp.), FAA (Aviation), and FHA (Housing).
During the early days of the Depression, the Holloway family drove to California, and lived in Hollywood. A postmark from Asheville NC on Oct 25, 1930 and the address suggest that they lived on North Kenmore Ave. between Sunset Blvd. and east Hollywood Blvd.
Holloway, Lisabeth M, "JOHN LEITH HOLLOWAY - SR., 1895-1975", biography, computer disk text file.
Holloway, Rose Martin, personal scrapbook, in possession of George Martin Holloway.