Col. John Mottrom
Born 1610 Chester Co., England
Died Feb 25, 1655/6 Northumberland Co. VA
Emigrated 1640? York Co. VA

b. 1615

d. 1645?

b. 1639
York Co. VA
d. 1713?
Cople Parish, Northumberland Co. VA
John (Maj.)

b. 1642
York Co. VA
d. 1685?

b. 1645
Northumberland Co. VA

Ursula Bysshe

m. after 1651

d. before 1661
John left York Co. about 1644, probably because of Indian massacres, and settled at Chicacoan, on Coan creek, Northern Neck, Northumberland Co. VA. This area became part of Westmoreland County in 1653.
Colonel Mottrom was one of the founders of Northumberland County and its first Representative in the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Upon arriving again in VA late in the year of 1657, John's son-in-law, Richard Wright, became administrator of his estate.
John's second wife, Ursula, was the widow of Richard Thompson and brought 3 of their children into John's family. When she was widowed by John, she married again (George Colclough) about 1655/6.
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