John Leith Holloway Jr.
Born Dec 18, 1927 Hickory NC
Died Jun 11, 2011 Boone NC

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Leith was born at Home in Hickory NC , where the family lived at the time, a "bungalow" at 1417 13th Avenue. The street became 3rd Avenue and the house is now a law office.
John Leith served in the US Navy from August 8, 1946 to August 6, 1948, in Great Lakes IL, Corpus Christi TX, and Memphis TN. In Group Picture (second row, far right).
Thesis for the Masters Degree in Meteorology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1953.
Photograph of John Leith Holloway Jr., Jan 29, 1966.
Leith began work in the Systems Analysis Section of the Scientific Services Division of the Weather Bureau in Washington DC on Jul 11, 1955. This group eventually became part of NOAA and the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab (GFDL).
After retiring in 1983, Leith continued to consult for the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Lab in Princeton NJ, contributing information to the panel (known as the IPCC) that eventually would help Vice President Al Gore win a Nobel Peace Prize on climate change. The lab was one of about a dozen modeling centers worldwide that participated in the work of the panel.
Article on the Shadow Rule, by Leith Holloway.
Portrait Photograph.
Scientific Holidays, Proposed by Leith Holloway, January 7, 1986.
Received special award for public service at the 1990 Conference of the American Association of Dermatologists. Pictured with Dr. J. Graham Smith, Jr. and Dr. Faye Arundell, Chairman of the Committee on Youth Education. His "contribution to skin cancer awareness was use of the shadow test to educate children about sun protection."
Published articles include:
Shadow rule for sun protection,
The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Vol 31, No 3, p 517, September, 1994;
Atmospheric sun protection factor on clear days: its observed dependence on
solar zenith angle and its relevance to the shadow rule for sun protection
Photochemistry and Photobiology, Vol 56, No 2, pp 229-234, 1992;
Shadow method for sun protection,
The Lancet, Vol 335, No 8687, Saturday 24 February, 1990, p 484;
The range and unity of planetary circulations with Gareth P. Williams,
Nature, Vol 297, May 27, 1982;
Alignment Chart for Satellite Orbit Calculations,
The Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, Volume VIII, Number II, Summer 1961.
Energy Efficient House near Cabot Vermont was designed with the help of a local architect. View from Road and Staircase to lookout used for astronomy and weather, especially in Winter, when back of house can almost disappear in the snow.
Leith's Vermont house was surrounded by over 70 acres of land and cost $103,224 to construct in 1979-80. Real estate sales listing, from Yankee Homes, Feb 1989, contains the following caption for its photograph of the property: "... The open setting here would be perfect for weather-gazing, which, we discovered, was exactly why owner Leith Holloway had it built here. The house is very interesting." Information sheet, contains facts and energy-conserving features of the house.
At nephew's home in Chapel Hill NC with brother George
During the last five years of his life, Leith's suffered from dementia. He may have also suffered from Asperger's syndrome and Alzheimer's disease, but was never specifically diagnosed with these conditions.
Holloway, John Leith Jr., "Walden House and Land Purchase and Sale", financial analysis, revision, Sep 4, 1992.
Holloway, Rose Martin, personal scrapbook, in possession of George Martin Holloway.
"Walden, Vermont $160,000", listing in "Houses for Sale", Yankee Homes, Feb 1989.
See published articles above.