William Wilcoxson
Born 1601? Ilkeston, Derbyshire, England
Died Nov 28, 1652 Hartford CT
Emigrated Apr 5, 1635 to Boston MA
Margaret Birdseye

m. 1629/32?
St. Albans, Herefordshire, England
b. 1611/12
emigr. Apr 5, 1635
Boston MA
d. 1675?
John (Sr.)

b. 1633?
emigr. Apr 5, 1635
Boston MA
d. Mar 19, 1690
Stratford, Fairfield Co. CT

b. 1636?
Concord MA
d. Oct 30, 1682
Killingworth CT

b. 1637
Concord MA
d. Jan 13, 1713
Stratford CT

b. 1640
Stratford CT
d. Mar 12, 1713
Simsbury CT

b. 1641?
Stratford CT
d. young?

b. 1644
Stratford CT
d. 1663?

b. 1644
Stratford CT
d. Oct 4, 1722
Windsor CT

b. 1646?
Stratford CT
d. Nov 24, 1691
Killingworth CT

b. 1648
Stratford CT
d. Nov 1 1714
East Guilford, New Haven CT

b. 1650
Stratford CT
d. Sep 20, 1743
Stratford CT

b. 1653
Stratford CT

William, at age 34, together with his wife Margaret, age 24, and their infant son John, age 2, sailed from London on the ship Planter April 5, 1635. The vessel arrived at Boston, May 26th of the same year.
At the very beginning of its settlement, Stratford was called Pequennocke, then changed to Cupheag Plantation and then to Stratford. It was probably named after William Shakespeare's Stratford-on-Avon. The father of Stratford settler Thomas Alsop is said to have come from the same parish in that English town as the playwright.
Map of settlements in Mid 17th century Connecticut Colony, from the book Farnham/Farnum Families in America by Antoinette Farnum Stepanek, shows the location of Stratford. The earliest map of Stratford as it was in 1639 shows seventeen families living there. William Wilcoxson's lot was in the central part of the town. On one side of it was the lot of William Beardsley and on the other that of John Peat.
William died in 1652. His oldest son was only 19 and his next oldest, Joseph was only about 16 years old.
When William's wife remarried in 1663, she moved from Stratford with their younger children (Hannah, Sarah, Obadiah, and Phoebe) to Killingworth CT, where her new husband, William Hayden (1614-1669), lived. Son Joseph, who was then already married with three children, also followed them to Killingworth. Joseph was one of the original landowners of the town.
Daughter Hannah married Lt. Thomas Hayden in 1664. Thomas was a son of William Hayden, who married her mother a year earlier.
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