Capt. Alexander Swann
Born 1653? Northumberland Co. VA
Died 1710? Lancaster Co. VA

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Judith ? Hinds

m. 1678?
Northumberland Co. VA
b. 1654?
Northumberland Co. VA
d. Sep 10, 1700
Lancaster Co. VA

b. 1680
Northumberland Co. VA
d. 1727
Lancaster Co. VA
John (Capt.)

b. Jul 22, 1691?
Farnham, Rappahannock Co. VA
d. Aug 30, 1721
Lancaster Co. VA

b. Jan 22, 1691?
Fleet's Bay, Northumberland Co. VA
d. 1742
Fleet's Bay, Northumberland Co. VA
Mary Landon

m. 1701

b. 1664?

Alexander was Sheriff of Lancaster County, Virginia, June 1699, and April 1701.
In 1735, Alexander's granddaughter, Margaret Pinkard (1710-1782), daughter of Margaret Swann Pinkard (1680-1727), married John Ball (1715-1751), the grandson of William Ball, Jr., and son of George Ball (1683-1746).
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