Col. William Swann
Born Jul 10, 1586? Gravesend or Southefleet, Kent Co. England.
Died Feb 18, 1638 Swann's Point, Surry Co. VA
Emigrated 1635? to Swann's Point, VA
Judith Greene

m. Apr 16, 1612
Stepney, Middlesex, England
b. Feb 5, 1589
Ratcliffe, Stepney, England
d. Mar 16, 1636
Lancaster Co. VA
Thomas (Col.)

b. May, 1616?
d. Sep 16, 1680
Lancaster Co. VA

b. 1620?
d. Lancaster Co. VA

b. 1622
d. 1683
Surry Co. VA

b. 1624?
Kent Co. England
d. 1671
Surry Co. VA

b. 1630?
Denton Court, England
d. May 26, 1708
Surry Co. VA
Swann's Point was located on the James River in Surry County opposite Jamestown. Virginia Historical Marker (K231) for Swann's Point, located ten miles southwest from Swann's Point.
Col. William Swann patented 1200 acres at Swann's Point in 1635 (Patent Book 1, Part 1, p. 293). The plantation increased to 1650 acres by patents to his son Col. Thomas Swann in 1638 and 1655. (Patent Book 1, Part 2, p. 567; Patent Book 4, p. 25).
The Swann and Gray families owned adjoining lands in Surry County. On Nov 15, 1677, John and William Gray, sons of Thomas Gray, 1585-1638, were joint heirs of 100 acres of land sold to Col. Thomas Swann.
William Swann's sons Thomas and Samuel are listed as Qualifying Ancestors for membership in the Jamestowne Society.
Son Matthew served in the English Civil War under Charles I and later served as Captain of Virginia Cavalry. Captain Matthew Swann was also a ringleader in Bacon's Rebellion which started on December 12th, 1673.
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