John Seastrand
Born Jul 14, 1842 Ljungarum Parish, Jönköpingslan Sweden
Died Mar 1, 1906 Red Wing, Goodhue Co. MN
Emigrated Aug 27, 1869 to Red Wing MN

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Elis Johnson

m. Feb 24, 1872
Red Wing MN
b. Aug 29, 1844
Jönköping Sweden
d. Dec 31, 1920
Minneapolis MN
emigrated Jun 1871
Herman Denslow

b. Feb 14, 1873
Red Wing MN
d. Nov 15, 1936
Madison, Lake Co. SD
Augda Elisabeth

b. Aug 5, 1874
Red Wing MN
d. 1952
Hilma Mathilda

b. Sep 6, 1876
Red Wing MN
d. 1954
Gustaf Rudolf "Rudie"

b. Feb 15, 1879
Red Wing MN
d. Feb 15, 1944
Jehan/John Hugo

b. Dec 29, 1880
Red Wing MN
d. Dec 11, 1957
Saly Wiktaria
(Sella Victoria)
b. Jan 15, 1883
Red Wing MN
d. Nov 16, 1960
Minneapolis MN
Joseph Hartvig

b. Mar 10, 1886
Red Wing MN
d. Aug 2, 1886
Red Wing MN
Jönköping Sweden.
Belltower in Ljungarum Parish.
Born Johannes Svenson, he emigrated under the name Sjöstrand with brother Per Magnus Svenson (1849-1916), who was known as Peter M. Swanson in America. They took passage from Götebörg aboard the ship Hero to Hull, England, a three-day voyage across the North Sea. From Hull, they travelled by rail to Liverpool and from there they could have taken a large Cunard liner across the Atlantic.
John was a "drang" (hired man) and a soldier in Sweden. In Minnesota, he was a stonemason (in Vasa MN), a policeman, city marshall, health commissioner (in Red Wing). From 1887-1890 he was Chief of Police, Red Wing.
Wedding Photo of John Seastrand and Elis Johnson, in Red Wing, on Feb 24, 1872. Photo was restored in 1998.
Vasa Lutheran Church, built in 1869 according to Plaque on its tower.
Vasa is about 12 miles east of Red Wing Minnesota which overlooks the Mississippi River.
Swedish Mission Church in Red Wing, attended by Elis and the children.
John and Elis Seastrand family photograph
Standing: Rudie, Hilma, Herman.
Seated: Hugo, Augda, Elis and John, Sella.
John's wife is listed as "Elizabeth" and son Rudie is listed as "Rudolph G." in the 1895 Minnesota State Census. John's probate documents list them as Elizabeth and G. Rudolph. Elis signed the probate as "Elizabeth".
Elis Seastrand with daughters Augda, Hilma and Sella.
John died at midnight of Mar 6, 1906, after suffering an accidental fall down some stairs around seven that evening, while he and a Mr. Charles Johnson were searching for a man at his home.
Portrait of John Seastrand above casket.
Daughter Sella married a swedish immigrant named John Nelson, 1880-1913, who worked for railroad companies. John and Sella moved to Los Angeles CA after marriage. Their child died at childbirth and John died of consumption in 1913. Sella returned home to become a teacher and live the rest of her life in Minneapolis.
John is buried with his wife in Oakwood Cemetery, in Red Wing, Minnesota.
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Götebörg Archive - police examination lists of emigrants: 2:249:953, microfilm reel Y2 4541 15/66 (incl. signatures of John and Per Magnus). Sorenson, Ship Hero to Hull, Engl., VIII-27-1869. (Located through typewritten index at Vxj Archive, 1869:366.)
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