John Guthrie (Guthery)
Born 1636? ?Scotland
Died 1706
Emigrated 1652?
Elizabeth Baskett

m. Feb 6, 1686
Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co. VA
b. 1661?

d. 1731

bapt. 1687
Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co. VA


b. 1689
Middlesex Co. VA
d. 1733

bapt. Sep 4, 1692
Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co. VA


bapt. Jan 23, 1702
Christ Church Parish, Middlesex Co. VA

John's father may have been Robert Guthrie, a former indentured servant from Scotland sent to America as ironworkers. A ship named the John and Sarah arrived in Boston on Feb 24, 1652 with Scottish prisoners from the Battle of Worcester. This ship is said to have left the Downes on Dec 8, 1651. There is record of Robert Guthrie being a witness in a will by 1679 as a resident of Block Island RI. He is seen as a leader by other Scots, and wrote a letter found in the New Shoreham (Block Island) Town Book of 1678/79.

On Dec 20 1658, there is a deposition in York Co. VA of a John Guthrey, "aged 22 years or thereabouts", regarding an overseer who had gone to Mrs. Colborne’s wedding at Pyanketanke, which became known as Christ Church Parish, Middlesex in 1666.
Middlesex County was first part of York County. The first building at Christ Church Parish, Middlesex, was erected about 1666. The present one was erected in 1712. About 1840 the church was restored. Another Christ Church existed across the Rappahannock River and was part of what was called Christ Church, Lancaster.
In Jan of 1658 John served on a jury in York Co. VA.
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