Henry Farnam
Born Mar 7, 1623? England
Died Jan 13, 1700 Killingworth, Middlesex Co. CT
Emigrated about 1635 London England to MA

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Joanna Rutke/Ruck Swanne Halsall

m. 1656/59
b. ?Mar 7, 1621
Cranbrook, Kent Co. England
d. Aug 11, 1689
Killingworth CT

b. Jan 9, 1665
Killingworth CT
d. Feb 14, 1703
Litchfield CT
Henry came to America with John and Elizabeth Farnam, in the "second emigration from London" about 1635. Henry is listed as the "first son of John and Elizabeth", but may have been a brother or half-brother.
Henry was admitted to the Dorcester artillary company in 1644, which would confirm his age as being at least 21 in that year and his year of birth about 1623. Capt. Jonathan Farnam, the son of John Farnam, born 1639, also became a member of the same company and is described as the nephew of a fellow member, that being Henry in the company records.
Henry was a carpenter and joiner. He became a freeman in Roxbury in 1645. Unlike John Farnam, who raised him but may not have been his father, he was a respected church member. He was the first deacon of the first church of Killingworth.
Henry married a widow and divorcee, Joanna Swanne Halsall/Halsey, after her divorce in 1656, which was contested by George Halsall in 1659. Divorces were rare in Puritan New England and they disappear from records (they may have fled to Long Island) until 1665, when he and his family (Joanna and his stepdaughter Elizabeth) are in Hammonassett Plantation, to become known as Killingworth. Henry is one of the town's original landowners of 1663.
The only child of Henry and Joanna married Hannah Wilcoxson on Dec 8, 1686, only the fourth marriage recorded in the early history of Killingworth. Hannah's father was also an original landowner in the town.
Killingworth is now known as Clinton CT. Clinton is on the south shore of Connecticut. Henry was one of the 10 original landowners of 1663 who settled there, when it was known as Hammonassett Plantation. It was sometimes called Kenilworth. The land in this area is hilly and rolling, with forests.
Son Peter Farnum was known as Sgt. Peter Farnum.
Henry's only son married Hannah Wilcoxson on Dec 8, 1686, only the fourth marriage recorded in the early history of Killingworth.
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