Charles Egerton
Born 1600? England?
Died by Jun 15, 1669 Norfolk Co. VA

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Charles Jr.

b. 1630
d. by Apr 1, 1699
St. Mary's Co. MD

d. 1733
In his will dated Jan 27, 1669, proved Jun 15, 1669 in Lower Norfolk Co. VA, Charles left all his land to be equally divided amongst the four children of Anne Snayle, who in April 27 1669, went by the name Bennett (Benett or Benitt): George, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary, "or as such of them as shall live to come of age". She married Thomas Bennett of Lower Norfolk Co. VA and St. Mary's Co. MD. From the Virginia records of Nov 20, 1667, Charles mentions Thomas, in bestowing his plantation to her two sons George and Edward: "... if Thomas Bennett will come out of the Bay and live with them, he may. I will not hinder nor molest him."
His son Charles is traditionally considered the founder of the Egerton family in Maryland.
In his will dated Mar 11, 1699, son Charles Jr. left to his son Charles "Piney Neck" on the Potomac River; to his son George, the plantation at Pountney's (or Punctney) Marsh; and to his other four sons he left 2400 total acres on the north side of the Potomac called "Piscataway".
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