Michael George Clontz Sr.
Born May 5, 1760 Mecklenburg Co NC
Died Oct 20, 1839 Buncombe Co NC

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Clara (Chloe) Cline

m. Aug 28, 1783
Mecklenburg Co NC
b. 1766
d. Mar 1, 1847
Buncombe Co NC

b. Feb 1, 1785
Burke Co NC


b. Jun 16, 1789
Mecklenburg Co NC

Ann Margaret

b. Aug 8, 1792
Mecklenburg Co NC


b. Apr 4, 1793
Mecklenburg Co
d. Jan 6, 1873
Mecklenburg Co NC

b. Sep 16, 1794
Mecklenburg Co NC


b. Dec 3, 1796
Mecklenburg Co NC

Michael George

b. Aug 3, 1798
Mecklenburg Co NC

Samuel Asbury

b. Feb 4, 1801
Mecklenburg Co NC
d. 1896

b. Nov 2, 1802
Burke Co NC
d. 1861
Caldwell Co NC

b. Apr 2, 1804
Burke Co NC
d. Jul 19, 1879
Some sources have his given name as John George Clontz. Others list him as Michael George and one of his sons as Michael George, Jr. In the census records of NC he is listed as George.
George and his brother Jeremiah and their familes all lived in a large German settlement at Second Creek, site of the Organ Lutheran Church which was in Rowan Co. in 1756 before Mecklenburg Co. was created from Anson Co. in 1762 (Map). Surnames there were spelled differently in many records during late 1700's; Clonts, Glantz, Glance, Glaunce, etc. His wife's name also appears as Klein or Cline.
In 1796, husband George bought 100 acres in Cabarrus Co NC from father-in-law Jacob Cline. He sold his land to John Clonts on Sep 14, 1801. He moved to Burke Co in 1802 and was there until 1810 (Census), then moved to Buncombe Co.
In 1833, at age 33, he applied for Revolutionary War pension, Burke Co., NC. He was awarded $30 per year. He had attained the rank of sargeant and had served at the Battle of Stono (Jun 29, 1779). He had entered the service in May 1778 as part of the NC Continental Line, Mecklenburg Co. under General William Lee Davidson and Major Jack Armstrong, and marched to Charleston SC and Purysburg SC.
Map of North Carolina Counties in 1780. Cabarrus County was created from Mecklenburg in 1792 ( 1800 Map).
Burke County NC, Census 1850.
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