James Blount
Born 1620? Astley, Worcestershire, England
Died 1686 Mulberry Hill, Chowan Precinct, Albemarle Co NC
Emigrated 1660? VA

m. 1646?


b. 1655
Isle of Wight VA
d. 1706
Albemarle Co NC

b. 1656?
d. 1715

b. 1666?
Isle of Wight VA


b. Oct 17, 1670
d. Mar 17, 1726
Mulberry Hill NC
Ann Willix Rascoe (widow)

m. 1670?
Isle of Wight VA
b. 1639
Sodington, Worcestershire England
d. Ipswich MA
James moved to Albemarle Co. in the 1660's. By 21 Apr. 1669, he was a council member in the Albemarle colony. He was also on the council in 1672, 1679, 1681, 1684. In 1677, and apparently in earlier years, he was one of the burgesses representing Chowan Precinct. Nevertheless, he was one of the leaders in the overthrow of the government of Thomas Miller in December of 1677, subsequently called Culpeper's Rebellion, and became a member of the rebel parliament and the rebel council that governed the colony until 1679, when the proprietors reestablished government under their own authority.
Albemarle was formed in 1664 but by 1670 had been split into Chowan and Perquimans Precincts as shown on a Map of the North Carolina Counties in 1740. By 1689, Albemarle was no longer a county, but still used to describe the northeastern region of North Carolina. Officially, Albemarle County ceased to exist in 1689 though the name persisted.
James built Mulberry Hill, the family home, which was near Edenton NC and the family graveyard.
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