William Upshaw
Born 1666
Died May 17, 1720 Essex Co. VA

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b. abt.1700
Gloucester Co. VA
d. 1771

b. Gloucester Co. VA

Hannah Forrest

b. 1679
Gloucester Co. VA
d. Jun 20, 1763
Essex Co. VA

b. 1704?
Gloucester Co. VA
d. 1746/7

b. Gloucester Co. VA


b. Gloucester Co. VA

d. 1750

b. 1710
Gloucester Co. VA
d. 1760
Essex Co. VA

b. 1712/13
d. 1754/5
William Jr.

b. 1713/14
Essex Co. VA
d. 1760

b. Jul 21, 1715
Essex Co. VA
d. 1801
Gloucester Co. VA

b. Essex Co. VA

d. 1769?

b. 1718
Gloucester Co. VA
d. 1759
Essex Co. VA
William Upshaw moved from Gloucester to Essex County, Virginia about 1714, maintaining "the same social standing and prominence".
Son John was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses for many years. He died at White Hall, the family estate in Gloucester County, in 1801.
William's second wife, Hannah, was the widow of James Garber and had one daughter born about 1701.
William's will was dated Dec 16, 1716, before son Forrest was born, and was proved May 17, 1720.
Hannah Forrest's will was dated Dec 1, 1762, and was proved Jun 30, 1763. One of the executors of the will was her grandson Thomas Roane (1730?-1799), son of William Roane (1683-1757). Thomas had married a grandaughter of Hannah's, Mary Ann Hipkins.
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