Susanna Swann
Born 1660? MD
Died 1739/40 Charles Co. MD
Col. Philip Briscoe Sr.

m. 1677?
Charles Co. MD
b. 1649?
Charles Co. MD
d. 1724
Charles Co. MD
John (Capt.)

b. 1678
Charles Co. MD
d. 1734

b. 1679/80
Charles Co. MD
d. 1743

b. 1680
Charles Co. MD
d. 1735

b. 1685
Charles Co. MD
d. 1725
Charles Co. MD

b. 1686?
Charles Co. MD
d. by 1724
St. Mary's Co. MD

b. 1687?
Charles Co. MD
d. ?Feb, 1738
Charles Co. MD
Ann (Anne)

b. 1688
Charles Co. MD


b. 1692?
Charles Co. MD


b. 1693
Charles Co. MD
d. Sep 19, 1750
Husband Philip was a physcian in St. Mary's Co. MD.
St. Mary's County was established in 1637, the first county in Maryland (see present day map for location). Neighboring Charles County was established in 1650 (see present day map for location).
Philip was also a coroner, magistrate, justice and civil officer in Charles Co. He served on a vestry in St. Mary's Co. in 1692 and 1697. He represented Charles County in the Lower House of the Assembly in 1699-1700.
In his will written about Apr 1724, Philip mentions deceased son George and eight of his children as living. Summary of the Will of Philip Briscoe Sr.
In her will written Feb 5, 1739/40, the widow Susanna mentions decesaed son John, deceased daughter Judith Brook and, as living, daughters Ann Wood, sons Philip Jr. and James Briscoe (Executors). Summary of the Will of Susanna Briscoe.
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