Col. Nicholas Spencer
Born Sep 19, 1633 Bedfordshire England
Died Sep 23, 1689 Westmoreland Co. VA
Emigrated 1659?
Frances Mottrom

m. 1663?
b. 1645


b. Mar?, 1665

d. Oct, 1695

b. 1666/7

d. 1703?

b. Apr 25, 1667/71

d. 1707

b. 1683
Northumberland Co. VA



b. 1687?

Nicholas Spencer was in America by May 2,1659 when he and Richard Wright were issued a joint patent for 1000 acres of land at Turkey Point, Kent Co. Maryland.
Nicholas and William Spencer are listed as Qualifying Ancestors for membership in the Jamestowne Society.
Nicholas was acting Governor of Virginia (1683-1684) when daughter Mary was born. He was also Secretary of State of Virginia 1679-1689.
The Spencer family were connected to the Washington family in England, and later in Virginia. Col. Spencer patented the 5,000-acre land grant at Mount Vernon with his friend Lt. Col. John Washington in 1674. After Col. Spencer's death, the Washingtons and the Spencers divided the land grant, with the Spencer heirs taking the larger southern half of the Mount Vernon grant bordering Dogue Creek, and the Washingtons the portion along Little Hunting Creek. See Map of Mount Vernon Land Grants. The Spencer heirs paid Lawrence Washington (George Washington's grandfather) 2,500 pounds of tobacco as compensation for their choice.
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