Johan Samuelsson "Lind[s]"
Born Apr 1, 1813 Hagshult Parish, Vaggeryds, Jönköping Sweden

Stina Kaissa Petersdotter

m. 1836
b. Oct 8/Dec 31, 1805
Hagshult, Jönköping Sweden



Lisa Greta (Elis)

b. Aug 29, 1844
Tofteryd Parish,
Jönköpingslan Sweden
d. Dec 31, 1920
Minneapolis MN
Per Gustav

b. Sweden
d. aged 12

Johan was a shoemaker. Lind or Linds was his soldier name.
Jönköping Sweden.
Daughter Lisa Greta worked as a lady's maid in a wealthy family in Stockholm.
Daughter Lisa Greta emigrated on the ship Orlando to Hull England, as Elis Johanson, aged 25 (actually 26), departing from Jönköping for Red Wing, June 2, 1871, apparently alone, according to the Emigrant Register from Göteborg, Sweden. It is believed that neither her parents nor her siblings ever came to the U.S. to live.
Elis Johnson (nee Lisa Greta Johansdotter) as a young woman.
Red Wing Minnesota overlooking the Mississippi River.
Swedish Mission Church in Red Wing, attended by Elis and the children.
Elis Seastrand with daughters Augda, Hilma and Sella.
Tofteryd Parish Records, seen on microfilm (Mormon) at Jönköping Public Library (Reel 1814); Birth records, marriages, deaths 1835-1860.
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