Sabra Roundy
Born Jul 14, 1777 Simsbury CT
Died Sep 16, 1832

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Selah Graves

m. Apr 6, 1794
Rockingham VT
b. Feb 1, 1767
Killingworth CT
d. Oct 29, 1838
Pike NY

b. Aug 31, 1794

d. Sep 10, 1870

b. Feb 17, 1796

d. May 14, 1875
John Roundy

b. Jan 28, 1799

d. Jul 4, 1888

b. Jun 26, 1801

d. Jul, 1893
Cuba, Allegany Co. NY

b. Apr 28, 1807

d. Jan 24, 1894

b. Jun 26, 1809

d. Michigan
Mary Jones

b. Sep 16, 1811
Springfield VT
d. Aug 15, 1900
Lake Washington MN

b. Jan 19, 1814

d. Aug 10, 1907
Allen Sigmour

b. Oct 9, 1816


b. Dec 30, 1820

d. Aug 18, 1859
Sabra Roundy and Selah Graves were married at First Church in Rockingham Vermont on Apr 6, 1794.
Photographs taken at the First Church in Rockingham VT in Jun 1980:
Inside of church from window showing view outside with Connecticut River and New Hampshire in the distance (top), and from balcony (bottom).
Graveyard and back of church.
Grave Stones
Selah was a blacksmith and wagon-maker. He settled his family in Springfield VT in 1796. He moved to Pike, Allegany County, NY, where he bought a farm about a mile from the town, about 1822.
The 1800 Census for Springfield, Windsor Co. VT lists the members of Selah's household as 3 males under 10 (Bela, Ralph and John), 1 male 26-44 (Selah), and 1 female 26-44 (Sabra).
When Sabra's father died in 1805, his will bequeathed her "30 acres and one likely cow."
Daughter Harriet married a grandson of her father, Nathan, named Phineas Bigelow Woodward. He was the son of Harriet's first cousin, Betsey Graves who was a daughter of Nathan's son Phineas.
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