Johann George Robish
Born Sep 16, 1813 Wunsiedel, Bavaria
Died Apr 24, 1894 Jefferson Co. WI
Emigrated 1844?

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Elisabeth Benker

m. 1833
b. Aug 15, 1814
d. Jul 15, 1888
Helenville WI
Anna Margaretha

b. Apr 5, 1835
d. Mar 31, 1911
Helenville WI
Anna Barbara

b. Oct 15, 1837
d. Germany

b. Aug 7, 1841
d. May 1, 1863
killed Port Gibson MS

b. Oct 6, 1845
Jefferson Co. WI
d. 1870
John George

b. Jan 16, 1848
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Sep 29, 1927
Kellerton Farm SD
George Peter

b. Jan? 9, 1850
Jefferson Co. WI
d. 1923

b. Oct 1, 1852
Jefferson Co. WI
d. 1926

b. Apr 4, 1855
Jefferson Co. WI
d. 1945
Johann Robish was a farmer and then had a store in Jefferson City WI that sold meat and general merchandise.
Son Erhart enlisted in Company F, Wisconsin 29th Volunteer Infantry Regiment on Aug 11, 1862. Civil War records give his name as Gerhard Robish. On May 1, 1863, he died on his regiment's first day of battle at Port Gibson in Mississippi. The 29th went on to the Battle of Champion Hill MS, where the Union forced the Confederate army to retreat to Vicksburg on May 16, 1863.
The battle of Port Gibson was the start of the two-month long Union campaign to capture Vicksburg MS and control the whole length of the Mississippi River. The Union outnumbered their enemy 3 to 1, and took the town south of Vicksburg by nightfall on May 1, 1863.
Excerpt pertaining to the role of the Wisconsin Infantry at the battle of Port Gibson, from William DeLoss Love's book Wisconsin in the War of the Rebellion.
Daughters Margaret and Elizabeth both married the Reverend J. C. Brandel (1843-1919). He and Margaret had two children before she died. He had four more children with Elizabeth.
Tombstone of Elisabeth Benker Robish in Greenwood Cemetery, Jefferson County WI. It gives her maiden name as Benker ("Geb Benker"), Her husband, son George Peter and his wife, and grandchildren Edward and Leonard are also buried there.
Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center, Fort Wayne Indiana, website, entry for Erhart Robish, Evangelical Messenger Obituary Index - Results; born in Germany, died May 1, 1863 aged age 21yr, 8mo, 24dy, "son of George & Eliz.; as child w/pars to AMER".
Civil War Records, "Record for Gerhard Robish",
Dunn, Steve, Transcript of taped communication to Lisabeth M.Holloway, Jul 3, 1977, citing interview with Evelyn Walther Wolfgram, granddaughter of Anna Margaret Robish and John Walther.
Jefferson County WI, 1880 Census, Census Taker Peter Robish, Jun 2, 1880, gives ages of "George and Elizabeth Robish" as 68 and 67, "gardner and keeping house", respectively.
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