Mazzie Mariah Richardson
Born 1794? Botetourt, Bedford Co. VA or Rockingham Co. NC
Died Feb 24, 1864 Ayersville, Rockingham Co. NC

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Andrew Martin

m. 1809/10
b. Feb 24, 1790?
Rockingham Co. NC
d. Jul 14, 1856
Ayersville NC

b. 1811
Rockingham Co. NC
d. 1864

b. 1813
Rockingham Co. NC
d. 1895
Sarah C.

b. 1816?
Rockingham Co. NC
Andrew, Jr.

b. 1817
Rockingham Co. NC
d. 1884?
Samuel Thomas

b. Mar 17, 1819
Rockingham Co. NC
d. Jan 10, 1900
Charity Ann

b. 1822
Rockingham Co. NC
d. 1902?
Mary Jane

b. 1826
Ayersville NC
d. 1902
Rockingham Co. NC
Mazzie Mariah

b. Feb 3, 1827
Ayersville NC
d. Apr 5, 1912
Charlotte Elizabeth

b. 1829
Rockingham Co. NC
d. 1914
Harriett T.

b. May 15, 1831
Ayersville NC
d. Sep 18, 1915

b. Oct 18, 1834
Ayersville NC
d. Feb 27, 1904
Hickory NC
Husband Andrew purchased 100 acres in Ayersville from his father and lived on it. He accumulated over 2500 acres of land. In 1850 he owned 14 slaves, 13 horses, 14 head cattle, 70 hogs. His farm produced 5,000 lbs of tobacco, 1,000 bushels of corn, plus other crops.
In 1844, daughter Mary Jane married Hamilton Martin (1818?-1886), son of Jeremiah Martin (1794?-1870?) and Virginia Sharp.
Sarah Richardson, an older sister of Mazzie Richardson, married Abraham Walker Martin (1774?-1872?). Abe and Sarah were also grandparents of Kettie Martin, the second wife of Nicholas Martin (1833-1904).
Sister Theodocia married Thomas Martin (1780?-1865), possibly the son of Abraham Martin (1730-1805.
Grave marker of son Samuel Thomas Martin.
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