Samuel Poe Sr.
Born 1675? England?
Died Aug 17, 1725 Essex Co. VA

m. England


b. bef 1705?
Essex Co. VA
d. 1785?
?Amherst Co. VA

b. bef 1711
Essex Co. VA


b. bef 1705?
Essex Co. VA


b. Essex Co. VA


b. 1707
Essex Co. VA
d. 1793
Chatham Co. NC

Essex Co. VA

Samuel Jr.

d. 1759/65
?Caroline Co. VA

b. bef 1725

d. Aug 13, 1782
Spotsylvania Co. VA
Samuel owned 800 acres of land near Pumensend Swamp in Essex County Va. in 1704. His sons grew tobacco on this land but do not appear to have been wealthy. They seem to have been middle class farmers who had problems with the ruling classes of Virginia and England over tariffs.
On Nov 16, 1623 Samuel is in court charged with swearing, and is listed as a resident of St. Anne's Parish in Essex County. Essex Co. Virginia was established in 1692 from Rappahannock County. (see present day map for location).
There are court records that survived from King & Queen County Virginia that show that the Poe and White families lived in the part that became Caroline County in 1758. In 1732 and 1733, a John Pickett was involved in trespass suits with James [Taylor] White and Benjamin Poe, probably Samuel's son. Caroline County Virginia was formed in 1728 from Essex and ajoining counties (see present day map for location), about the same time that daughter Elizabeth married James Taylor White.
Between 1732 and 1745, Caroline County court records show that Benjamin and William Poe, each served on one jury panel. Thomas White (son, father, or both) served on 12.
Sons Samuel Jr. and Simon continued to farm tobacco on their father's land. In 1749, Simon was tried in Caroline County court for "tending seconds" which was against the laws of the London Board of Trade and the Virginia General Assembly. This and other laws existed in order to limit production and keep the price of tobacco up through scarcity, and were unpopular among middle class farmers in the county. Simon was fined 1,000 lbs of tobacco.
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