Elizabeth G. McCall
Born 1806? Burke Co NC
Died 1863 NC

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Benedict Bristol

m. Feb 10, 1827
b. Aug 24, 1781
Cheshire CT
d. Apr 16, 1868
Morganton NC

b. 1826?
d. 1880
Caldwell Co. NC
Orah (Orrie)

b. 1828?
Burke Co. NC
d. Nov 16, 1829?
Burke Co. NC
John McCall

b. 1830?
Burke Co. NC
d. Sep 19, 1867
Burke Co. NC
Donna Maria

b. Apr 8, 1833
d. Oct 25, 1925
Morganton NC
Robert Benedict

b. Nov 3, 1834
d. Mar 16, 1923
William H.

b. Dec 3, 1836
Burke Co. NC
d. Jan 5, 1939
Austin TX
Ann "Annie" Victoria

b. Feb 25, 1839
near Morganton NC
d. July 21, 1919
Chesterfield, Burke Co. NC
Susan Loduska

b. Nov 28, 1840
d. 1872
Elam Birdsey

b. 1843
Burke Co. NC
Killed Dec 15, 1862
Battle of Whitehall NC
Emma L.

b. 1844
Burke Co. NC
d. 1916
Lambert Augustus

b. Jan 31, 1846
Burke Co. NC
d. Jul 3, 1929
Louisa Henrietta

b. Nov 21, 1849
Burke CO. NC
d. Jan 5, 1943
Morganton NC
Laura A.

b. Apr 25, 1852
Burke CO. NC
d. Nov 23, 1935
Elizabeth's aunt Jane (Jennie) McCall was Benedict Bristol's first wife.
Elizabeth and Benedict had four sons in the CSA: John, William (a Captain), Elam (killed at Whitehall), and Lambert, who ran away from home to join the Confederacy at age 14. Lambert was elected Captain at the age of sixteen, the youngest in the Confederacy. Lambert fought at Gettysburg for the famous Bethel regiment as a captain at the age of 17 years and 5 months. He died exactly sixty-six years after the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg.
In the 1830 Burke Co. Census, on line 21 of Page 294, Benedict Bristol was head of a household of 14 members:
1 male under 5 (Gideon),
1 male aged 20 to 30 (son George W.),
1 male aged 40 to 50 (Benedict),
1 female under 5 years old (Orah?),
and daughters of his previous marriage: 2 females aged 5-10 (Nancy Caroline b. in 1820 or later, and ?),
3 females aged 10-15 (Margaret Delight, Clara, Emeline),
2 females aged 15-20 (Eudocia, Abigail),
and 1 female aged 20-30 (Elizabeth his 2nd wife),
and 2 male slaves.
In the 1850 Burke Co. Census, Benedict Bristol was a farmer on 2000 acres, aged 68, born in CT. His household near William Kincaid, consisted of:
Elizabeth (wife), aged 44, born in VA,
John (John McCall), 19, Farmer, all children born in NC,
Maria (Donna Maria), 17,
Benedict (Robert Bendict), 15, Farmer
Wm (William), 14,
Ann ("Annie" Victoria), 12,
Susan, 9,
Elam, 7,
Emma, 6,
Augustus (Lambert), 4,
Henrietta (Louisa), 1.
Son John McCall Bristol married Ann Elvira Johnson on Apr 30 1863 after he was discharged Mar 22, 1863 from the Confederate arny due to lung disease. Her youngest brother, Stanhope Augustus Johnson, became the second husband of the widowed Victoria Ann, John's younger sister, in 1868.
Son William H. ("Billy") married Jemima Elvira Johnson, 1840-1908, who is buried at Pecan Grove Cemetery in McKinney, Collin Co. TX, an old cemetery in North Texas where many Civil War veterans are buried. Photo of grave marker.
Son William H. ("Billy") moved to Texas and lived to be 102 years old. At the age of 95, Billy visited his nephew in Rutherford College NC, and his great nephew, John Leith Holloway, in Asheville NC. He so impressed John Leith Holloway, Jr., only five when he met his great, great uncle, that he wrote an 8th Grade Paper about him for a class in 1942.
Daughter Susan L. Bristol married Orlando Columbus Collett (1837-1920) on Jan 15, 1861. In Mar 1869 he moved to TX. His sister Mary Anne Collett (1843-1893) married George Washington Holloway, son of Robert Holloway
Daughter Emma L. Bristol married Robert W. Sudderth, a son of Martha Eveline Kincaid, eldest child of William Winfield Kincaid.
Husband Benedict was buried at the Kincaid-Bristol Cemetery, located one mile off of Route 18, northeast of Morganton. Photo of his tombstone. His son John McCall was buried there the previous year. Photo of his tombstone.
Bristol-Kincaid Cemetery, near Morganton, Burke Co. NC.
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