Richard Martin
Born Jul 1, 1758
Died 1841? Rockingham Co. NC
Charity Ann Hunter

b. 1765
Bedford Co. VA
d. 1836-40
Rockingham Co. NC

b. 1784

d. 1832

b. 1788?

d. 1840-50
(Capt.) John

b. 1790

d. 1836

b. 1790?
Rockingham Co NC
d. Jul 14, 1856
Ayersville NC

b. 1794?
Rockingham Co. NC
d. 1870?
Rockingham Co. NC

b. 1795/6

Samuel H.

b. Aug 17, 1797
Rockingham Co. NC


b. 1800?
Rockingham Co. NC

"Black Joe"
b. 1801?
Rockingham Co NC
d. 1847
Richard J.

b. 1804
Rockingham Co. NC
d. 1873


Richard's wife was born in Bedford County Virginia in 1765. Bedford County Virginia was established by European Americans on December 13, 1753. Map of Virginia counties shows Bedford County in red.
Richard served three years with troops of 4th Maryland Regiment, and was discharged May, 1780 in Morgantown NJ.
Richard settled in Rockingham, probably after 1790, since he is not listed in the 1790 Rockingham County census, but there are Richard Martins in the 1810 Census. He sold 100 acres in Ayersville, Rockingham Co NC to son Andrew who lived on it.
Rockingham County was formed in 1785 from Guilford County, NC. See History of Rockingham County, NC.
Page 24 of the 1810 Rockingham County Census showing a Richard Martin household with 2 adults aged 45 or older (parents), and, from left to right, 2 male children under 10 (Joseph, Richard J), 2 other males - one under 16 (Samuel H.), one 16 or over (Jeremiah), 1 female under 10 (Charlotte), and a female child over 10 and under 16 (unknown daughter).
Map of North Carolina Counties in 1780, showing Guilford County. Map in 1800, showing new counties, Rockingham and Stokes.
Son Richard J. married Mary Ayers (1801?-1825), the daughter of Samuel Ayers (1772-1835) and Elizabeth Richardson (1775-1835), daughter of Joseph Richardson (1748-1817), on Oct 27, 1794 in Bedford Co. VA.
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