William Loving
Born 1740?
Died 1806? Burke Co. NC

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Jane White

m. before 1760
Culpeper Co. VA
b. before 1755
d. Sep 1821
Burke Co. NC

b. 1767?
d. bef 1804

b. 1768
d. May 1852

b. before 1774
?Rowan Co. NC
d. after 1820?
Rapides Parish LA?

b. 1773?
d. by Dec 7, 1818
Monroe Co. IN

b. 1775 or after

d. after 1839
?Caldwell Co. NC
?Permelia "Milly"

b. 1777?

d. 1853?

b. after 1775


b. after 1790

Culpeper County Virginia was formed in 1748 (see present day map for location), and was bounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains to the west. The Rappahannock River forms one of its eastern boundaries.
William applied for a land grant in Craven County SC. The land was surveyed on Oct 16, 1767. He received a land grant on Mar 5, 1770, but he may have sold the grant (or pending grant) after an incident less than year after the survey was done because of an incident that occurred when he was a member of the South Carolina militia.
William Loving, his father-in-law James Taylor White, and his two sons William and Reuben White, along with their brother-in-law John Holloway, were members of a SC militia defeated at Marr's Bluff SC, at the hands of Regulators, on July 25, 1768.
Excerpt from the book The South Carolina Regulators by Richard Maxwell Brown gives a background and summary of the incident.
In 1771, William Loving and Thomas White, believed to be the younger brother of William's father-in-law James Taylor White (see Thomas White Jr. of Virginia), both appear on the first tax list for Surry Co. NC. They both register their stock marks on Feb 16 of that year in Rowan County (soon Surry Co.). Thomas White lived there on Swan Creek until 1776 when he moved to Johns River (located in what would becomes Burke Co.). William Loving also moved, but to the Yadkin River in what would become Wilkes Co.
Part of Rowan County became Surry County in 1770. Burke and Wilkes Counties were formed in 1777. Wilkes was formed from Surry County and Burke was formed from another part of Rowan County. Compare Map of North Carolina Counties in 1775, with Map in 1780.
On Mar 21, 1778 William and his brother, Gabriel, entered tracts of land that were on opposite sides of the Yadkin River in Wilkes Co. NC. The surveys done in October of that year indicated that they had been there for some time, having made improvements on the land. Each brother served as chain carrier for the other when the surveys were made.
In 1781, daughter Elizabeth married John Wesley Fox, 1764-1840, who had fought and was wounded at the Battle of Kings Mountain in Oct 1780, at the age of 16.
Son John married Lora Estes daughter of Reuben Estes. John's will was probated Dec 7, 1818. It named wife "Lory", sons Taylor, Reuben, William, Lot, and John, and daughter Delphy, Lettie, Lory, Mary Alloway, Delilah Wakefield, and Elizabeth Tucker.
About 1784 or 1785, William acquired land next to George Holloway on Little Mulberry Creek in Burke Co. NC. It bordered the land that was claimed for Geroge in 1783 but had yet to be surveyed. Both tracts of land had probably belonged to either brother-in-law William White (1830?-1818) or Michael Wilson, a large landowner in the area. William's daughter Mary married George Holloway in Oct 1787. William had moved to Burke Co. by then and brother Gabriel stayed in Wilkes Co.
William and his family were not only patriots but also religious. When George Holloway was converted to the local Methodist movement by Rev. Jesse Lee in 1795, he founded a Methodist group that produced a manuscript titled Class Papers for Holloway's Society", 1810-1821. Loving family members were some of the original members of the society and lived near George and the present Mt. Olivet Methodist Church in Collettsville NC which is said to have been known as Holloway's Chapel.
On Jul 7, 1791 the land of neighbor George Holloway was surveyed. William Loving signed the survey as the surveyor for David Vance Co.
In the 1790 Burke Co. NC Census for 5th Company, William Loving is listed as a head of household of 6 members:
1 male aged 0-16 (son William Jr. (b. after 1774),
4 females (Wife Jane, 3 young daughters),
Daughter Mary would have been counted under husband George Holloway with 5 members. In the 1800 Census, both adults in the William Loving household are at least 45 years old. Also counted was a female under age 10.
In a 1796 list of land acreage sorted by militia units, William is listed as "Sr." under Capt. Moore's Company in Burke Co. NC, along with George Holloway, a Gabriel Loving (probably William's brother who also owned land there), son John Loving, and Thomas White, and William White. William White and William Loving were militia members together in SC also (see above).
In the 1800 Burke Co. NC Census, page 766 line 14, "William Loving" is listed as a head of household of 3 members:
1 male aged over 45 (William Sr.),
1 female under age 10,
1 female aged over 45 (wife Jane).
There are three households headed by Gabriel [page 767 line 30], John [page 767 line 17], and William (Jr.) Loving [page 768 line 3], respectively. Gabriel and John are in an older age class than brother William.
In the 1800 US Census for Burke Co. NC son William Loving (Jr.) is listed as a head of household of 6 members:
William (born 1775?),
1 male aged 0-16 (a son),
2 females under 10,
1 female 16-25,
and one female 26-44, probably his wife.
Present day map shows Collettsville, Mulberry Creek and John's River. Holloway Mountain is further east on Route 90.
Son John named his first son James Taylor Loving after John's grandfather James Taylor White.
Son Gabriel is in the 1800 Burke Co. Census with both adults 26-45 and 5 female children (3 under 10, a 10-15 year old, and a 15-26 year old). By 1820, the family may have settled in Rapides Parish in Louisiana Territory where John and James Holloway were raising cattle in Holloway Prairie. In the 1820 Rapides Parish Census, page 133, there is a Gabriel Loving with 1 female child aged 10-16 and both adults at least age 45. The family is not in Burke Co 1820 Census. There are no Lovings in the 1810 or 1830 Rapides Parish census or in the 1792 Natchez District Census.
In 1805, William Loving was listed in the Burke Co. list of taxables, as owning 180 acres and taxable for 1 poll [persons living on the land over a certain age]. He was listed in Captain Coleman's Company along with uncle William White (1668 acres and 8 polls) and George Holloway (400 acres and 2 polls).
Rapides Parish was formed in 1807 by the Territory of Orleans government. (see present day map for location).
Son William was a member of the Holloway Society from 1817-1822, and was bondsman for Mahala Holloway's marriage to Joseph Fair (Pharr) in 1821. By 1821, son William (Jr.) married Elizabeth Fair, and had a daughter Matilda in Jun 1821.
Son William appeared in the 1819 list of taxables for "the White district of Burke Co. NC, including the upper John's River, Mulberry and Globe sections" owing $600 for 180 acres and "one white poll". No other Lovings are listed, Nor any Whites. Only landowners under age 50 were taxable. His brother-in-law George Holloway was the "tax-lister" that year but over age 50 so not taxable. William (Jr.) was born about 1775 so he was not yet 50. [Scott, W. W., Annals of Caldwell Co., p. 115].
In 1839, son William (Jr.) sold 250 acres, including the 180 acres taxed in 1819, to Grief Lindsay.
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