Mary Loving
Born 1768 SC
Died May 1852

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George Holloway

m. Oct 1787

b. Dec 27, 1766
Lynches Creek SC
d. Dec 8, 1851
Little Mulberry, Burke Co NC

b. 1789
Burke Co. NC
d. by 1800
Burke Co. NC
Elizabeth Hattie

Burke Co NC
d. 1890
Swain (Macon) Co. NC

b. 1794?
Burke Co. NC
d. after 1853
?Caldwell Co. NC
Jane (Jean)

b. Oct 6, 1795
Burke Co. NC
d. May 31, 1877
Burke Co. NC
Sarah (Sally)

b. by Nov 1800
Burke Co. NC
d. after Nov 1843
Caldwell Co. NC

b. 1802?
Burke Co. NC
d. by 1850
Cherokee Co. NC

b. Burke Co. NC

d. young
Susan L.

b. Jun 23, 1806
Burke Co. NC
d. Jul 27, 1861
Caldwell Co. NC

b. Jan 31, 1809
Burke Co. NC
d. Mar 1, 1891
Caldwell Co. NC

b. 1811
Burke Co. NC
d. after 1850
Caldwell Co. NC
James Taylor

b. 1813
Burke Co. NC
d. Mar 5, 1843
A land claim dated about 1784 or 1785, in the name of Mary's father, William, was for land next to her future husband George Holloway on Mulberry Creek in Burke Co. NC. The land claim in George's name was entered about a year earlier in 1783. Both tracts of land had probably belonged to William White (1830?-1818), who was George's uncle and William Loving's brother-in-law. Mary married George in Oct 1787.
Detailed Guidemap to the Blue Ridge Parkway [Lenoir region] from 2005 shows the locations of the towns of Collettsville and Olivette, and of Mulberry Creek and Johns River. Holloway Mountain is shown further east just south of Route 90.
Caldwell County NC was formed in 1841 from Burke Co. (see present day map for location).
Husband George's father John was shot and scalped by Indians at his plantation five leagues from the Fort of Natchez (Mississippi Territory). George was tied with a rope but escaped during the night. Still a teenager when his mother remarried, he was returned to his uncle William White who settled in Wilkes (Burke Co) NC in 1783 or 1784. The White, Loving and Holloway family connection goes back to a militia defeat at Marrs Bluff SC, at the hands of Regulators, on July 25, 1768. Involved in the incident, were Mary's father William Loving, George's father John Holloway, and three members of the White family. George was about to turn two years old at the time of the incident. The North Carolina Whites were revolutionary patriots in contrast to their days in South Carolina, having left a trail of litigation behind them when some of them ended up in Natchez, including George's mother. Mary and George's descendents in NC were not aware of his six siblings who stayed in Mississippi.
When George Holloway was converted to the local Methodist movement by Rev. Jesse Lee in the late 1790's, he founded a Methodist group that produced a manuscript titled Class Papers for Holloway's Society, 1810-1821. The Loving family were some of the original members and lived near George and the present Mt. Olivet Methodist Church in Collettsville NC which is said to have been known as Holloway's Chapel.
In the 1790 Burke County census, Mary's father William Loving is listed as a head of household of 5 members (Wife Jane, 3 children). Mary would have been counted under husband George Holloway with 5 members.
In the 1790 Burke Co. NC Census for 5th Company, George "Holliway" was listed as a head of household of 4 members:
1 male aged 16 and up (George),
1 male under age 16 (son John),
2 females (wife Mary, and a child born by 1790).
He was listed next to the household of "Wilm Lovin".
In the 1800 Burke Co. NC Census the closest entry for George's family is a "George Holly" which lists a household of 6 members:
1 male only (George, son John has died),
3 females under age 10 (Mahala, Jane and Elizabeth),
1 female aged 16-26 (a female born before 1784).
1 female aged 26-45 (wife Mary born before 1774)
Daughter "Mehalle" joined the Holloway Society on May 18, 1819 and attended at least through July. Her status was changed by May 6, 1821:
"Mehale Holloway, S[ingle] put back on ? for marriage outside of Church" About that time, she married Joseph H. Fair or Pharr (1798?-) in Burke Co. NC and had at least 4 children, including "Sally and Catrine" Fair who are mentioned in George's will of Nov 1843. She married two more times after.
Husband George was a Justice of the Peace for Burke Co. and then in Caldwell Co. NC after it was founded in 1841 and remained so until his death.
Son George had a daughter named Mary who married Alexander Hood, grandson of John Hood in 1856.
George and Mary named their youngest child after James Taylor White, who is the grandfather of both George and Mary. Mary's mother was Jane White and George's mother was Jane's sister Elizabeth White. Son James Taylor Holloway died only a few years after his marriage Apr 15, 1841. Son Robert was appointed guardian of his brother's two young daughters on Jan 27, 1847, according to Caldwell Co. Court minutes. George's will, written Nov 8, 1843, stated that what would have been James' share should go to the two children, Carolina (born Feb 4, 1842) and Elizabeth Jean (born Jan 20, 1844). However, the daughters subsequently moved with their mother, born Delphia A. Estes, to Wisconsin. She married Oliver Lyon from Dunkirk WI in 1854.
On Jul 9, 1813, eldest daughter Elizabeth married Bennett Crisp (1786?-1870) in Burke Co. NC. She lived to be about 100 years old. Their son John Bennett Crisp was born in Burke Co. Oct 10, 1828. He died Dec 6, 1907 in Swain Co. NC and is buried in the Lauada Cemetery there.
In the 1815 Burke Co. Tax List, "Bennet Crisp" (husband of Elizabeth), and "Soloman Crisp", are listed next to the Holloway household. Each are taxable for one poll (male resident) and no land. Bennett Crisp is not listed as a head of household in the 1820 Burke Co. Census. Solomon is listed as taxable in 1819 but Bennett is not.
In the 1830 Burke Co. Census, "Bennett Crisp" and wife Elizabeth Holloway are both listed as aged 30-40, meaning both were born 1790 or after. On Sep 4, 1837 a Macon Co. NC land grant claim #1408 was entered for Bennett Crisp to grant 100 acres "On the N. side of Tuckeseege River" [Tuckasegee River flows 60 mi. into Swain Co.; all of it is within NC. It is a tributary to the Little Tennessee River which flows into the Tennessee]. The family is counted in the Macon Co. NC Census in 1840 and 1850.
On Jun 4, 1814, daughter Jane married Daniel Setzer (1791-1872) in Burke Co. NC. She is buried in the Littlejohn Methodist Church Cemetery in Caldwell Co. NC. Photo of grave marker of Jane Setzer.
Daughter Sally married William Fleming (1794-1859) and was at least 30 years old and had a boy at least 5 years old during the count of the 1830 Burke Co. Census.
Daughter Susan married Robert Fleming (by 1800-1873). Robert was at least 30 years old and Susan was younger than 30 during the 1830 Burke Co. Census. They had 2 children at the time. Susan was buried in the Littlejohn Methodist Church Cemetery in Caldwell Co. NC.
Son Washington married "Poly Sisk" in 1821 according to marriage records of Burke Co. NC. Polly Holloway, aged 53, was living in Cherokee Co. in western NC with two sons at the time of the 1850 Census.
In the 1820 Burke Co. NC Census there is only one Holloway household:
"George Holloway", on line 29 of page 23, headed a household of 7 white members:
2 males under age 10 (sons George & James Taylor),
1 male aged 10 to 16 (Robert),
1 male aged 16 to 18 (Washington),
1 male 45 or older (husband George),
1 female 10-16 (Susan), 2 females 16-26 (Sally and Mahala),
1 female over 45 (Mary, meaning she had to be born by 1775),
and also 7 slaves.
According to the Oct 8, 1852 Minutes of the 4th Quarterly Conference Minutes, Lenoir Circuit 1841-1869, husband George died after a three week illness. His last words were "O happy place, hard struggling to get there." Memorial Notice.
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