Catherine Keller
Born Mar 26, 1849 Jefferson Co. WI
Died Mar 6, 1911 Kellerton, Hamlin Co. SD

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John George Robish

m. Nov 26, 1869
b. Jan 16, 1848
Jefferson Co. Wisc. Terr.
d. Sep 29, 1927
Kellerton, Hamlin Co. SD
Rosa Lydia

b. Apr 21, 1871
Jefferson Co. WI
d. May 21, 1871
Arthur George

b. May 1, 1872
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Apr 10, 1931
Edward Jacob

b. Nov 17, 1873
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Aug 13, 1877

b. Oct 11, 1875
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Jan 14, 1876
Rosa Barbara

b. Jan 29, 1877
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Feb 23, 1941
Kellerton Farm SD
Flora Katherine

b. Mar 6, 1880
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Dec 25, 1963
Mary Agnes

b. Nov 7, 1881
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Dec 29, 1964
William Benjamin

b. Jun 21, 1885
Hamlin Co. SD
d. Aug 19, 1925
Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie"

b. Apr 1, 1888
Hamlin Co. SD
d. Jun 28, 1928
Catherine was born less than one year after Wisconsin was admitted as a state to the Union which was on May 29, 1848.
Husband John Robish began farming in Wisconsin in 1869. In 1876 he bought a meat market in Jefferson WI which he sold in 1883, when he moved to Hamlin County SD. There he filed a tree claim on a quarter section. He permanently settled in Opdahl Township where he planted 5 acres of trees and farmed 180 acres.
Kellerton Homestead House 2003.
Photograph of John G. Robish with Al Cover, hired man, and Clarence Feind
Kellerton Church, across the road from the Kellerton farm, is the oldest continuously used Evangelical Association/United Methodist Church building in South Dakota. The marriage of Catherine's daughter Flora and Edward George Arnold (1875-1951) was the first in the church and represented a union of the two families that started the church, the Robishes (Kellers/Feinds) and Arnold/Wendlings.
Photograph of Kellerton United Methodist Church from the book commemorating the Centennial (1893-1983) of the church.
Photograph of daughter Flora Robish Arnold with daughters of Christian Julius Feind: Sarah Feind Reimler, Augusta Feind Wendling, and Lillie Feind Reimler.
A great grandchild of daughter Flora and Edward George Arnold (1875-1951), was elected 33rd Governor of South Dakota in 2018. Kristi Arnold was born in Watertown SD and served in the U.S. Congress from 2011 to 2019.
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