From: 4th Quarterly Meeting Conference Minutes

Oct 8, 1852



      Late an Exhorter and member of this Quarterly Meeting Conference.

      Brother Holloway was born on Lynches Creek near Georgetown, South Carolina, Dec. 27th A.D. 1766, from whence his family removed during his childhood to North Carolina and settled near John River and at the commencement of the Revolutionary War to the far North West and subsequently settled near Natchez Mississippi where the father of our subject was soon cruelly murdered by Indians. The widowed mother soon afterwards was married a second time when George, then probably about 17 years of age, returned to Burke County, North Carolina, and in October 1787 married Mary Loving with whom he lived in great peace through a long life, his wife surviving him about six months.

      By this union he left eleven children, 6 sons and 5 daughters. After his marriage he scarcely changed his residence near the mouth of the Mulberry but lived in the same neighborhood more than 64 years.

      Brother Holloway was converted joined the Methodist Church at Whites near the mouth of Mulberry about the year 1795 under a sermon by Rev. Jesse Lee (who was then travelling with Bishop Asbury) from the text "Fear not little flock for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom", from that time until his death Brother Holloway maintained a uniform Christian walk and discharged the duties of Class Leader, Steward and Exhorter with acceptibility and usefulness. His last illness commenced about three weeks before his death. On awaking out of a sleep, he said "Children I have heard sweet music sung to Why do we mourn departing friends" repeating three verses and regretting that he did not depart with the music. His last words were "O happy place, hard struggling to get there."

      He died Dec. 8, 1851 in the 85th year of his age.