Mary Hoar
Born Aug 23, 1648 Concord MA
Died Jun 5, 1697 MA

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Benjamin Graves

m. Oct 21, 1668
Concord MA
b. Mar 3, 1645
Concord MA
d. by Mar 24, 1724
Saybrook CT

b. Jan 18, 1669
Concord MA
d. Oct 22, 1736
Marlboro MA

b. Apr 25, 1671
Concord MA
d. Apr 4, 1730
New London CT

b. Nov 25, 1674
Concord MA
d. Nov 12, 1755
Concord MA

b. Mar 2, 1676
Concord MA
d. Dec 30, 1752
Colchester CT

b. Sep 1, 1679
Concord MA
d. after IV-2-1756
Saybrook CT

b. Feb 2, 1681
Concord MA


b. 1683
?Concord MA
d. Dec 29, 1766
Walpole NH

b. 1685?
Saybrook CT

Benjamin and Mary were born at Concord MA. They did not move to Saybrook until all but their last child was born after 1681.
Old Saybrook was divided into three parts. The northern part was called Pattaconke (also spelled Pataconke and Pattaquonck). "The committee for highway improvements were to lay out a good and sufficient highway to the 'Great River' [Connecticut] at the northward side of ye land formerly owned by Benjamin Graves in Pattaconke", action taken at Saybrook, 5 Jan. 1724/5.
Old Saybrook is on the south shore of Connecticut, on Long Island Sound, at the mouth of the Connecticut River. Pattaconke was about 7 miles north of the mouth of the Connecticut River when a part of Saybrook. It is now the town of Chester CT.
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