Johann George Haag
Born Aug 19, 1788 Wildenthierbach, Oberamt Gerabron, Württemberg, Germany
Died Oct 5, 1865 Helenville WI
Emigrated Jan 1846 to Milwaukee WI
Anna Margaretha Unfug

b. Jan 27, 1790
d. Jun 20, 1863
Rosina Barbara

b. Feb 28, 1815
Württemburg, Germany
d. Sep 27, 1903
Georg Michel

b. Apr 10, 1817
Württemburg, Germany
d. Oct 13, 1887
Johann Adam

b. Sep 29, 1819
Württemburg, Germany
d. Oct 3, 1907
Sumner IA
Johann Michel

b. Jul 6, 1823
Württemburg, Germany
d. Feb 7, 1912
Rosina M.

b. Oct 9, 1826
Württemburg, Germany
d. Apr 4, 1905
Johann Conrad

b. Feb 8, 1831
Württemburg, Germany
d. Dec 22, 1866
Johann was a cabinetmaker (Schreinermeister) in Württemburg as were sons. In Wisconsin, they farmed, sold cordwood, and made coffins. They traded with friendly Winnebago Indians.
Johann emigrated in 1846, following second son Johann Adam to Milwaukee WI. The emigration certificate dated Jan 1846 has John, father, wife, and 3 sons. The whole family then walked the 40 miles west in two days to Helenville to settle near some former neighbors. His wife was taller than he was.
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