Rosina M. Haag
Born Oct 9, 1826 Germany
Died Apr 4, 1905
Emigrated Jan 1846 to Milwaukee WI

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Michael Leonhard Keller

m. Feb 8, 1847
b. May 13, 1813
Württemberg, Germany
d. Oct 5, 1893
Kellerton SD
Catherine (Katherine)

b. Mar 26, 1849
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Mar 6, 1911
Kellerton, Hamlin Co. SD
George John

b. Dec 10, 1850
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Apr 11, 1942

b. Dec 24, 1853
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Mar 18, 1883

b. Apr 18, 1855
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Sep 10, 1911

b. May 10, 1859
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Jan 5, 1873
Charles W.

b. Mar 10, 1862
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Jul 13, 1938

b. Nov 3, 1863
Jefferson Co. WI
d. Apr 5, 1899
Son George married Anna Robish in 1875. He received his license to preach in Evangelical churches in 1881. The next year he moved to the site of the present Kellerton Church in Hamlin Co. SD with his brother Charles. He set up a store and a post office that was identified as Kellerton. In 1889, Michael moved to Hamlin Co. from Wisconsin to join his sons. With the Robish family, the Kellers formed the nucleus of a church congregation that grew to become part of the Dakota Conference of the Evangelical Association.
Daughter Rosina married Louis J. Wolfmeyer, who moved to South Dakota, remarried and homesteaded the the farm that would later be bought by Edward and Rosa Feind.
Kellerton Homestead House 2003
Framed Aerial Photograph of the Kellerton homestead farm.
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