Mary "Polly" Guthrie

Born 1777?

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Richard Mayberry

m. Jan 26, 1792
Rockingham NC

d. 1796
Catawba River, NC
Elizabeth (Betsy) Gardner

b. Dec 15, 1792
?Lincoln Co. NC
d. Sep 25, 1846
Burke Co. NC
Martha (Patsy)

Bartholomew "Bat" Thompson

m. Aug 11, 1798
Lincoln Co. NC
b. 1759?

John Pinkney

b. Feb 7, 1803
Lincoln Co. NC
d. May 20, 1887
Lincoln Co. NC
Husband Richard was a skilled iron worker.
Richard may have had a previous wife and a son by the recorded name John "Mabury" who married in Tryon County in 1814.
Tryon County (see Map of NC in 1775) became Lincoln County in 1779 (see Map of NC in 1780). In 1814, Richard's daughter Betsey married a grandson of John Kincaid Sr. (1710-1811). John Kincaid had moved his family from Charlottsville VA to Tryon Co. by 1765, purchasing 850 acres of land along the Catawba.

Richard drowned at Cowan's Ford in the Catawba River, on the Lincoln-Mecklenburg county line. Widow Polly married on Aug 11, 1798 Bartholomew "Bat" Thompson, a Revolutionary War veteran, who was made guardian of the two little girls, Betsy and Patsy, in Oct 1798.
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