John Graves
Born 1605 London, England
Died Sep 19, 1677? Concord MA
?Killed by Indians
Emigrated 1635 to Concord MA

m. England


b. Mar 3, 1645
Concord MA
d. by Mar 23, 1724
Saybrook CT

b. 1647
Concord MA


b. 1649
Concord MA


b. 1650?
Concord MA
d. Sep 6, 1694
Mary Smith

m. May 18, 1654
Wetherfield CT
b. Oct 9, 1628
Hadleigh, Suffolk, England
d. Dec 16, 1665

b. 1654?
Wethersfield CT

John is said to have signed the petition to the General Court of Massachusetts in 1643 in favor of Ambrose Martin.
Concord, Massachusetts was the first town carved out of the wilderness. Every other town in America had been close to the ocean or a tidal river, where goods could be transported by boat and natural features would mark the bounds with a minimum of exploration. The early records of Concord (including land transactions) were largely lost. The town voted in 1664 to order a new leather-bound book and that "... what is useful in the old book be transcribed in the new." Unfortunately, only a few items were considered worthy.
John appears in a 1664 Petition Pledging to Assist ... in Maintaining a Charter. This is the earliest list, though incomplete, of inhabitants of Concord.
John was the master of the Tryall, the first ship built in America in 1648.
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