Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences


This distinguished service award form members of the Archivist and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences was named in honor of Lisabeth M. Holloway who was a founder and who served as president Pro Tem in 1975, and was for many years the editor of The Watermark. The award recognizes significant contributions through leadership and service to ALHHS and the profession.

Award Recipients:      

Nominations Procedure:

Nominations should be submitted as a one- or two- page letter describing the nominee's outstanding professional achievements and the impact of his/her contributions on ALHHS and the profession. A current curriculum vitae as well as letters of support (a limit of 2) are not required but provide helpful additional information to the Award Committee. The Committee may also seek additional information on a nominee from the nominator or other sources as needed.

Criteria for evaluation:       A nominee cannot be a member of the committee nor can a Committee member nominate. If no worthy nominations are received, no award will be given.

The winner will be announced at the annual meeting of ALHHS and presented with an engraved crystal paperweight. The winner is not required to be present.