Henry Benet
Born 1647 Saybrook Colony CT
Died Jan 17, 1726
Sarah Champion

m. Dec 1673
Lyme CT
b. 1649
Old Saybrook CT
d. Mar 31, 1727
Lyme CT

b. Oct 11, 1675
Lyme CT
d. Dec 12, 1732

b. Nov 15, 1677
Lyme CT
d. Mar 31, 1727

b. Dec 26, 1680
Lyme CT
d. Dec 15, 1730

b. Aug 7, 1683
Lyme CT


b. Mar 19, 1685
Littleton MA
d. Jan 25, 1731/32
Dorete (Dorothy)

b. May 19, 1688
Lyme CT
d. Jul 17, 1752
Littleton MA

b. Jul 29, 1691
Lyme CT

Lyme CT was settled about 1664 when it was originally East Saybrook. It was incorporated as the town of Lyme in 1667.
Henry's wife Sarah Champion was the daughter of the emigrant Henry Champion (1611?-1708).
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