Giles Badger
Born ?St. Mary de Lode parish, Wotton, Gloucester, England
Died Jul 10, 1647 Newbury, Essex Co. MA
Emigrated Spring 1639 to Newbury MA
Elizabeth Greenleaf

m. 1642?
Newbury MA
b. 1621?
Ipswich, England


b. Jun 30, 1643
Newbury MA
d. Mar 31, 1691
Giles emigrated to America with two of his brothers, Nathaniel and Richard, within months of the death of their father, John. His brothers both probably returned to England without starting families in America.
Giles Badger was one of the first settlers of Newbury Massachusetts, being granted a house with 4 acres. Marker erected by the descendants of the first settlers.
On Jul 12, 1639, Giles Badger purchased 2 acres of land in Newbury. His land bordered west of the land owned by his future father-in-law, Edmund Greenleaf.
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